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The ASTHA offline UPS is a type of UPS that directly supplies the power to the AC load from the AC mains in normal operation and uses an inverter to power the AC load from the DC battery. Since there are two separate lines of supplies, the output supply must be switched between the two sources. Voltage and frequency dependent” UPS in compliance with IEC 62040-3, also referred to as offline, protects against many problems in your network. Under normal conditions it conducts the input current to its outlet. When the power supply fails it switches over to a built in battery to compensate for any variations in the mains supply.

  • The best UPS battery backup: In our daily life we use different types of devices that are required of continuous power supply. These computer, telecommunication equipment or other electrical devices might cause serious business disruption or data loss due to power interruption. Considering this urgency and importance we have introduced offline 650VA & 1200VA UPS for the market of Bangladesh.
  • Defination of Offline UPS: Offline UPS (or VFD - Voltage and Frequency Dependent) offer the most basic level of power protection. When mains supply is present, the UPS output is supplied via a built-in EMI/RFI filter which provides the load with protection from spikes and transients by clamping peak voltage to pre-defined levels. When the mains supply fails or fluctuates outside of the UPS's operating window, a relay connects the load to the inverter output (resulting in a 4-8ms transfer time). In normal operation, with mains supply present, both output voltage and frequency will track the input voltage and frequency respectively. As the inverter is switched off when the UPS is operating normally, the term 'Offline' is given to any UPS of this design. The inverter output on Offline UPS is typically a square-wave. Offline UPS are basic models, designed for use in small, non-critical applications that require protection against momentary loss of power.