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A communication device is a hardware device capable of transmitting an analog or digital signal over the telephone, other communication wire, or wirelessly. Some types of communications devices: dial-up modems, digital modems, wireless modems, network cards, wireless access points, routers, hubs and switches, repeaters, bridges and gateways. Dial-up modems: A dial-up modem usually is in the form of an adapter. A classic example of a communication device is a computer modem, which converts a computer's digital information to an analog signal for transmission over a telephone line. Similarly, a modem receives analog signals, and converts them to digital, for processing by the computer. This process is called modulation/demodulation, from which the modem gets its name. Other examples of communication devices include a NIC (network interface card), Wi-Fi devices, and access points.  When it comes to the Floor Standing Racks, Wall Mounting Racks, Compartment Racks, DATCET Data Center Racks, Aisle Containments, Outdoor Racks, Two Posts Slim Racks, Four Posts Open Racks, Heat Insulated Racks, Rack Cages it has thousands of items with deferent specifications and dimensions. As an example it has 42U free standing rack with mesh doors, without mesh doors, with glass doors, without glass doors, different cable managements, different shelf and different sizes of depths and many more.

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